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Pop Clink Fizz Preset

Pop Clink Fizz Preset

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“POP Clink Fizz" Preset is the best for you if you want a pop to your raw photos! {These are MOBILE Presets, not Desktop!}

You will receive a downloadable link upon purchasing your file. You DO NOT need a Lightroom Subscription to access the Lightroom Mobile App.

How to Install:

After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email with a download link. Download the file to your computer & save it somewhere safe on your computer {I like to do it on my desktop screen.} From there, you can either:

1) Airdrop the files to your iPhone {this is easiest!}

2) Email the files to yourself

{You don’t need to open the file. Since it is a DNG file, you won’t be able to open and view it.}

Next step: Open your phone and retrieve the files however you sent them, either by email or airdrop. If you emailed them, you will need to save the files to your camera roll. They will be saved as DNG files and should show up as white squares in your camera roll {if you see blank images in your camera roll - this is right!}

Once you have saved them, import the files in your Lightroom Mobile app {if you don’t have the app, it’s an easy download and no subscription is needed!} For a more organized way, you can create an album within the app named “Sassy Cinnamon Presets”, and then add the DNG files to this new album. You should see an image pop up {hopefully now you can see an image of me vs. blank white image.}

Next, you will choose which preset you are wanting to use. Go to the top right of the screen and press the three dots. Press “Copy Settings”, then check mark. Now, go to your photo that you would like to apply these edits to, and click the same three dots in the top right corner. Now, you will click “Paste Settings”. After this, the preset settings should have been pasted to your photo!

The preset will have different effects on particular photos due to different lighting situations, etc., so keep that in mind! This is when you will adjust the exposure, hue, tint, and saturation as needed within the Lightroom app. Once you have followed these steps, you should be ready to go!

We do not accept returns on this item but PLEASE let us know if you have any troubles ~ we are happy to help!


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